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Small ruminant disease surveillance

If you have found something new, unusual, severe, or unresponsive in relation to small ruminant diseases, please contact the SREG veterinary lead Amanda Carson (07909532229) or your nearest Veterinary Investigation Centre.

Please note: if you suspect a notifiable disease you must contact APHA immediately.

Explore the diagnoses made by the GB surveillance network through the interactive sheep disease surveillance dashboard.

Small Ruminant Expert Group (SREG) veterinary lead

SREG veterinary lead - Amanda CarsonAmanda Carson has been the SREG veterinary lead since April 2014. She leads the Defra-funded small ruminant disease scanning surveillance project in APHA, is President of the Sheep Veterinary Society and committee member of the Goat Veterinary Society and the Association of Government Veterinarians..

Amanda also represents APHA on the Ruminant Health and Welfare Group. She is the vice chair of the Farmer Scientist Network of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, a trustee of the charity The Sheep Trust, member of the Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee (FAnGR) and secretary of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association.

SREG members

The Small Ruminant Species expert group supports the SREG veterinary lead, and has representation from Veterinary Investigation Officers from all APHA VICs, APHA’s partner PM providers and SRUC Veterinary Services.

In addition, there are APHA members providing expertise for specific disciplines (e.g. epidemiology, virology, bacteriology, pathology, field veterinarians and welfare) and specific diseases (e.g. parasitic diseases). There is also representation from those involved in International Disease Monitoring in APHA.

SREG non-APHA members include representatives from:

SREG collaboration

There is also close collaboration between SREG and the following groups:

APHA Animal Disease Surveillance Reports

Recent Interesting Cases

GB small ruminant disease quarterly report: disease surveillance and emerging threats – October to December 2021

  • Listerial enteritis
  • Neoplasia in aged ewes
  • Hypocupraemia and hypocuprosis.

Enhanced Demographic Reports

Disease information

Links to APHA Information notes and alerts on specific diseases or conditions



The following videos were created by APHA on bluetongue, a notifiable disease which can affect ruminant animals:

Population information

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