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Changes to the Vet Gateway

Work is underway to replace the APHA Vet Gateway website, to make it a much better resource for all.

Background - Why do we need to change it?

The APHA Vet Gateway provides a publicly available portal for vets (including Official Veterinarians (OVs)), Animal Health Paraprofessionals (AHPs) and Food Competent Certifying Officers (FCCOs) to access APHAs services, systems, operating instructions, guidance, news and intelligence on new and re-emerging animal health threats​.

Vet Gateway is therefore a critical application to ensure vital work can be carried out on behalf of APHA.

The content of the Vet Gateway has grown over time and changes are required to ensure that the website meets user needs. User research indicates that the current site is not sufficiently user friendly. The lack of a search facility makes finding content difficult and the navigation around the site is challenging.

The Vet Gateway is a legacy application and the software used to manage the content of the website is no longer supported. APHA is very limited in what can be done or changed on the website. If APHA continue to use this legacy application there are risks that it will stop working.

Therefore an alternative mechanism for delivering the information on the Vet Gateway is required.

As part of the solution, the majority of the existing content will be moving to GOV.UK and numerous improvements made to its functionality. This will:

  • improve stability​ to ensure continuation of all current functionality.
  • improve navigation and include a search option, so content is easier to find​.
  • provide a modern look and feel that is intuitive to use and understand.
  • ensure full compliance with all required standards such accessibility​.
  • enable efficient content management and communication to ensure up-to-date and relevant information is provided.
  • enable alerts for when existing content is updated or new content is added.

What’s moving when?

The content is being moved in six phases, the first of which is scheduled to be published on GOV.UK in August 2024 and we hope to have completed this work by October 2024.

Work is underway to determine a suitable hosting site for the remaining content that is not suitable for GOV.UK. 

We are not anticipating any gaps in service as content is moved however it will mean that for a period of time there will be a requirement for you to access information on either the Vet Gateway or GOV.UK.

This page will provide details of what content has moved and where it has moved. Once content has moved, please familiarise yourself with the new format and update any favourite links you might have saved.

What’s moved and where?

As and when content moves we will confirm its new location here.


If you have any queries about the changes, please contact


Issued: 18 April 2024