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Latest vet news

Improvements to free-to-farmer carcase collection service
Published 01 April 2019

Changes to APHA Submission forms
Published 01 February 2019

New information note - Swine dysentery
Published 23 January 2019

New information note - New strain of Salmonella in sheep
Published 16 January 2019

New livestock population maps
Published 27 December 2018

Bluetongue virus detected and dealt with in two imported cattle
Published 24 Sept 2018

Summer 2018: Potential risks to livestock health and welfare
Published 17 July 2018

African Swine Fever - what does it look like?
Published: 18 June 2018

Launch of the avian disease surveillance dashboard
Published: 27 March 2018

Changes to APHA laboratory testing locations
Published: 12 December 2017

APHA’s Livestock Demographic Data Groups (LDDGs) publishes livestock population reports
Published: 13 November 2017

Pig disease data now available in the latest of the GB livestock disease surveillance dashboards
Published: 31 October 2017

Zoo inspectors required: Help to keep high standards in British zoos
Published: 3 October 2017

Decrease in cost of private interferon-gamma blood TB testing
Published: 2 October 2017

Changes to contagious equine metritis culture (export testing) at APHA
Published: 29 September 2017

Mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses under new animal welfare plans
Published: 11 August 2017

APHA shares cattle disease data in new interactive format
Published: 31 July 2017

Book your place at the Official Vet Conference in Swindon, 21 - 22 September 2016
Published: 24 July 2017

APHA revamps online Vet Gateway and shares sheep disease data in new interactive format
Published: 19 June 2017

New Government Veterinary Services (GVS) blog launched
Published: 27 March 2017

Additional free-to-farmer carcase collection service in North East England
Published: 6 March 2017

Schmallenberg virus statistics fortnightly updates are now available to show the county and number of affected premises confirmed by APHA
Published: 22 February 2017

Extension of free carcase collection areas in England for diagnostic post mortem examinations
Published: 30 December 2016

Extension of free carcase collection areas in England for diagnostic post mortem examinations
Published: 30 December 2016

Avian influenza outbreaks in Europe: interactive map
Published: 7 December 2016

APHA hosts Surveillance in Extensively Managed Livestock Conference
Published: 1 December 2016

OVs: Change of submission process for paper TB test charts not submitted via Sam
Published: 23 May 2016

Book your place at the Official Vet Conference in Swindon, 29 - 30 September 2016
Published: 6 September 2016

Come and visit the APHA exhibition stand at the London Vet Show in November 2016
Published: 23 May 2016

APHA and The Pirbright Institute publish new video presentations to help farmers and vets understand the risks and clinical signs of bluetongue
Published: 10 May 2016

A reminder about the availability of Defra funded surveillance for swine influenza at APHA
Published: 26 April 2016

Following recent cases of babesia canis in Essex, a Q&A has been published to answer the most common questions and provide background information for vets
Published: 26 April 2016

APHA offers private interferon-gamma (IFNG) blood TB testing of cattle from unrestricted (Officially TB free (OTF)) herds in England
Published: 6 April 2016

Veterinary scanning surveillance, post-mortem examination and diagnostic provision in Wales
Published: 22 December 2015

Porcine epidemic diarrhoea becomes a notifiable disease in England
Published: 18 December 2015

Official Veterinarians – Closure of ‘Grandfather Rights’ appeal process
Published: 18 December 2015

Carlisle Centre for International Trade affected by flooding
Published: 7 December 2015

Controlling porcine epidemic diarrhoea - share your views
Published: 12 August 2015

APHA publishes information on new arrangements for veterinary services
Published: 26 March 2015

Veterinary Delivery Partnership – APHA publishes additional information for Official Veterinarians
Published: 15 February 2015

APHA awards contracts for TB testing and other veterinary services in England
Published: 16 February 2015

Welsh Government welcomes veterinary services contract awards
Published: 28 January 2015

APHA awards contracts for TB testing and other veterinary services in Wales
Published: 27 January 2015

TB advice for farmers in badger cull areas
Published: 14 January 2015

APHA announces new post mortem examination expert provider for Wales
Published: 19 December 2014

Latest tranche of OV training courses released
Published: 11 December 2014

APHA Species Expert Groups publishes a new guide to diagnostic sampling and test selection for both livestock and wildlife
Published: 30 October 2014

BPEX funding for porcine epidemic diarrhoea testing in outbreaks of diarrhoea
Published: 13 October 2014

AHVLA survey confirms veterinary profession’s interest in pathology skills CPD
Published: 30 September 2014

Surveillance 2014 update: New post-mortem examination providers
Published: 1 September 2014

AHVLA to become part of Animal and Plant Health Agency (Link to GOV.UK)
Published: 11 August 2014