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Official Veterinarians (OV)

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Working for APHA as an OV and the requirements
Working as an OV
How do i become an OV

Working for APHA as an OV and the requirements

Official Veterinarian (OV) is the term used to describe private practice veterinarians who perform work on behalf of an EU member state. The work performed by Official Veterinarians is normally of a statutory nature (i.e. is required by law) and is often undertaken at public expense.

The Policy for Authorisation of Official Veterinarians (OV13)  sets out the training, qualifications and appointments of Veterinary Surgeons who seek to carry out tasks on behalf of those Ministers and who are not employees of the government.

Government funded statutory TB testing and other veterinary services in England and Wales are delivered on behalf of APHA by OVs and Approved Tuberculin Testers (ATTs) through suppliers, known as Veterinary Delivery Partners (VDP), who have successfully tendered for this work.

Working as an OV

APHA will authorise any person as an OV to perform statutory veterinary work largely, but not exclusively who:

  • are a full member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS/FRCVS) or approved by the RCVS to practice veterinary medicine for a specified period of time in the UK as an EU national
  • holds the appropriate Official Controls Qualification (Veterinary) (OCQ(V) obtained through the APHA contracted training provider, Improve International
  • is regarded by APHA as suitable for carrying out tasks on behalf of Ministers, taking into account any previous performance as an OV or convictions for offences under animal health or welfare legislation.

How do I become an OV?

You must:

  • register with Improve International
  • enrol for the relevant OCQ(V)s
  • complete the training
  • Await authorisation as an OV from APHA on successful completion of the training.

Further information on the registration process, training and fees are available from Improve International.

See the information on training and authorisation, for further details on becoming an OV.

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