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Training and authorisation

OV training

APHA has contracted with Improve International, in partnership with the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies and Harper Adams University, to deliver training for APHA’s Official Controls Qualification (Veterinarian). All requests for OCQ (V) training should be directed towards Improve International (see contact details below).

OV authorisations, approvals and revalidations

The administration of OV authorisations and approvals is managed centrally by APHA’s OV team.

There are now a number of self service functions available on this website allowing you to provide the OV team with information.

To discuss any matters relating to your training and Official Controls Qualification (Veterinary) or revalidation as an Official Veterinarian, please contact:

Improve International
Tel: 0330 202 0380

For more information about the Tuberculin Testing (OCO(V) - TT) revalidation process, please visit the Improve International website.

For further information about an extension or an exemption from the standard Tuberculin Testing revalidation process (as described above), please see the Tuberculin Testing revalidation: extension/exemption process. If you think you may be eligible for an extension or an exemption, please apply in writing to the APHA’s OV Team (contact details below).

To discuss any matters relating to your authorisation and approval as an Official Veterinarian that are not covered by the self service functions, please contact APHA’s OV team:

Tel: 03000 200 301
Fax: 01905 768 649

County Hall
Spetchley Road

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Sam OV support

For queries about using Sam or the initial registration process please contact the Sam support desk on:

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