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OV claims

OV claims for services carried out in Scotland

The process for payment of OV services in Scotland is via a monthly invoicing process.

OV19(S) Scale of Fees for Service Rendered in Scotland by Official Veterinarians
OV31 Official Veterinarian Application for Eligible Down Time/Waiting Time.
OV34 invoicing tool - not compulsory, but may be used as supporting documentation to invoices and to help calculate the invoice amounts
OV35 Terms of business for OV services in Scotland.
OV36 Guidance to OV Practices in Scotland Submitting Invoices to APHA

Wherever possible invoices should be submitted via email to

All queries regarding invoicing and payment should be raised with the Finance team via email, or if urgent via telephone on 0208 026 5644.

Updated: 13 May 2019

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