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Species Expert Groups (SEGs)

If you have found something new, unusual, severe, or unresponsive in relation to animal diseases, please contact the relevant SEG veterinary lead or your nearest Veterinary Investigation Centre.

Please note: if you suspect a notifiable disease you must contact APHA immediately.

There are seven Species Expert Groups (SEGs) in APHA, led by veterinary experts within APHA’s Surveillance Intelligence Unit.

Role of the Species Expert Groups (SEGs)

The groups work collaboratively to gather, analyse and share information on animal health surveillance in each main livestock species. They use information and data from the GB diagnostic service, as well as other sources of animal health data, and work together with veterinary and industry contacts to:

  • Detect new and re-emerging animal related threats
  • Provide species-based expertise to others in APHA and Defra
  • Develop surveillance and knowledge exchange networks
  • Maintain and develop expertise within and outside APHA

See the SEG Terms of Reference.

Species Expert Group networks

The membership of the groups is detailed on the individual group pages, but in overview, each livestock SEG includes:

  • APHA and representatives from SRUC Veterinary Services including veterinary and scientific staff. Associate members also provide input on specific diseases or international trade
  • Non-APHA representatives from the livestock industry, sector councils, academia, specialist veterinary divisions and Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

The Wildlife Expert Group also chairs the Great Britain Wildlife Disease Surveillance Partnership which comprises six government and non-government organisations with expertise in different fields of wildlife health.

A list of scientific papers published by APHA staff is also available on GOV.UK.