Parasitology encompasses all diseases that are caused by parasites in animals and humans including parasites as vectors of disease. This is a multidisciplinary work area across APHA.

For further information, contact Michele Macrelli at APHA Bury St. Edmunds Veterinary Investigation Centre (0300 600018).

Parasitology testing at APHA includes:

  • UK national reference laboratory (NRL) for Trichinella and Echinococcus. NRL duties include providing scientific and technical assistance to Official Control Laboratories (abattoirs and government-contracted laboratories)
  • Endemic parasites diagnosis and surveillance
  • New and emerging parasite detection
  • Non-statutory zoonotic parasite disease investigation
  • Anthelmintic resistance investigation
  • Providing consultancy and samples for research
  • Coccidial oocyst identification
  • Larval differentiation of Trichostrongyle-type eggs
  • Differential staining  for Haemonchus spp eggs.
  • Responsible for monitoring Trichinella (wild boar testing)
  • Echinococcus multilocularis surveillance in red foxes to demonstrate disease-free status
  • Parasitology research projects
  • Risk assessments and modelling
  • Vectors and vector-borne parasite research and surveillance (Babesia and Theileria spp vector competence studies)
  • Import and export testing on companion animals and horses.