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Export Health Certificates Online

Export Health Certificates Online

Export Health Certificates (EHC) Online is a new web-based service for the application and issuing of EHCs from Great Britain to non-European Union countries

The EHC Online service is available from 1 June 2020 for exporters, exporting agents and Certifying Officers (Official Veterinarians and Environmental Health Officers) to:

  • register as a new user and create an account
  • apply for certain EHCs that have been made available on the service at this time, and
  • carry out certification services.

EHCs that are not available on the EHC Online service at this time can continue to be applied for by downloading a PDF EHC and EXA application from EHC Form Finder and submitting these to the Centre of International Trade, Carlisle by email.

EHCs are being added to EHC Online in a phased approach and we will inform regular users of these forms when they become available.

How to create an EHC Online account

All certifiers regardless of their practice’s business set-up should select the ‘Sole Trader’ option when presented with the ‘which company type you are’ question. Please do not select the Limited Company, LLP, PLC or Registered Charity options.

Selecting the Sole Trader option will enable you to register and set up your EHC Online account quickly and easily. There is no impact of selecting Sole Trader if this isn’t your actual business type, it simply allows you to progress without becoming linked to others in your organisation which it has been identified can create issues.

You can provide your headquarters/other practices with access to your account if you wish by inviting them as a ‘Team Member’.

See the Quick Reference Guide for how to create your EHC Online account.

See the demonstration video guidance for how to create an account on the EHC Online service.

See the EHC Online Guidance for Certifiers that provides extensive guidance on how to use the service as a Certifier.

See the Quick Reference Guide for APHA Veterinarian signed EHCs in the EHC Online service.

See the Quick Reference Guide for 7006EHC for the Export of Pig Meat to the People’s Republic of China.

See the Certifiers Quick Reference Guide for the Cancel and Replacement of an Export Health Certificate.

Certifiers can access the EHC Online system using the following link:

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