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Export Health Certificates Online

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Export Health Certificates Online

Export Health Certificates (EHC) Online is a web-based service for the application, certification and issuing of EHCs from Great Britain to European Union (EU) and non-EU countries. 

Export Health Certificates Online: Non-EU Exports

You can access EHC Online through GOV.UK

The service is available for exporters, exporting agents and Certifying Officers (Official Veterinarians and Food Competent Certifying Officers (FCCOs) who are usually Environmental Health Officers) to:

  • register as a new user and create an account
  • apply for certain non-European Union EHCs that have been made available on the service at this time, and
  • carry out certification services for those EHCs that have been applied for using the service.

The most frequently applied for EHC forms are now available within EHC Online. APHA will no longer accept PDF applications via email for EHCs available in EHC Online and they must be applied for and certified via the online service.  If you are not already using the online service you must register now in order to ensure you can still receive these EHCs.

If the EHC that an export business requires is not available via EHC Online it can be applied for by downloading a PDF form and EXA application from EHC Form Finder and submitting these to the Centre of International Trade, Carlisle by email. EHCs are being added to EHC Online in a phased approach and we will inform regular users of these forms when they become available online.

Export Health Certificates Online – EU Exports

To help export businesses and certifiers become familiar with the requirements for EU exports specimen EU EHCs and Notes for Guidance have been published on EHC Form Finder. These documents explain what rules you’ll need to follow to export and certify consignments from Great Britain to the EU.

You can sign up to receive alerts about changes to particular documents via each Form Finder page.

Certifying Officers Obtaining Clearance for Avian Influenza

EHCs for trade in live poultry, hatching eggs, eggs, poultry meat and poultry meat products were due to auto route on the EHC Online service directly to OVs. Due to ongoing outbreaks of cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), the Centre for International Trade – Carlisle (CITC) have temporarily issued disease clearances to OVs to enable trade to commence post transition.

To enable auto routing of EHCs requiring HPAI disease clearances, OVs will be required to complete their own disease clearance checks for HPAI using an interactive map. The map can be used to confirm export consignments meet the requirements in accordance with the UK’s listed status in Part 1 of Annexes IV, V and XIV to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)2021/404 (as amended). OVs must only undertake their own HPAI checks using the map where CITC have not provided disease clearance and the Notes for Guidance for the EHC authorise this. The interactive map contains each HPAI 10km surveillance zone currently in force in Great Britain.

OVs can obtain clearance by plotting the postcode, map reference or place onto the interactive map using data provided by the exporter on the flock(s) of origin/holding(s) of origin, and if applicable, slaughterhouse(s) of eggs/poultry/poultry products.

If all flock(s) of origin/holding(s) of origin, and if applicable, slaughterhouse(s), of eggs, poultry and poultry products are outside all HPAI 10km surveillance zones, the eggs/poultry/poultry products meet export eligible criteria and can be certified for export.

If any flock(s)/holding(s) of origin, and if applicable, slaughterhouse(s) are plotted and are within any HPAI 10km surveillance zone, eggs, poultry or poultry products from that flock/holding of origin/slaughterhouse will be ineligible for export and must not be certified.

Please note that for export to the EU there are restrictions on premises within 10km of an Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza infected premises. 

When the EU lifts export restrictions for a zone, it will be removed from the map by using the calendar date filter selection tool
Date selection filter tool
The restrictions will be in place for at least 30 days.

The interactive map contains all the control zones that were ever in place during the current avian influenza outbreak, from which exports cannot take place in yellow. To see the zones in place on a particular date, including today, use the calendar date selection filter tool. As the EU publishes info notes notifying EU members states of the lifting of restrictions in areas, these will be highlighted in orange. Border Control Posts might not be aware of this note immediately after publication so it is the responsibility of the exporter to contact the country of destination before the export takes place to ensure that the consignments will not be detained or rejected at the Border Control Posts.

The calendar date selection filter tool will also display historical 10km zones that have now been lifted, for dates in the past. These zones can be displayed on the interactive map by selecting  the date you wish to view (there are two date selections and these must equal the same). The control zones that were still in place on that date will then display on the interactive map. These can be removed again by refreshing the date selection. Further information and user guidance are provided within the Interactive Map.

How to create an EHC Online account

Before you create your account, check to see if your practise has already registered for EHC Online, you can check within your organisation or you can contact APHA helpdesk on 0330 041 6999. The first person to register your practise will be responsible to invite you in as a team member and allocate service roles. If you do not check and your practise has already registered, your account will be removed as a duplicate.

Export businesses and certifiers access EHC Online via different routes and it is important that when registering you use the correct web link (URL). Please do not use a link to register for EHC Online provided to you by your export clients as this will not allow you to register as a certifier:

  • Local Authorities and Veterinary practices should register as a sole trader. There is no impact of selecting Sole Trader if this isn’t your actual business type, it simply allows you to progress without becoming linked to others with you are part of an organisation which it has been identified can create issues. To register as a sole trader select
  • A business or organisation (do not select individual account)
  • Select UK
  • Is your organisation registered with Companies House? Select No
  • Select sole trader
  • Continue to add contact details and create a security word.

When entering your practice name please be mindful of a naming convention. If you have more than one practice, the name needs to be identifiable to all users who wish to export.

  • If your practice is part of Vet Partners Ltd, you must contact to start your registration. Vet Partners are managing the registration of their practices centrally therefore please do not register as a ‘sole trader’ or Limited Company.
  • If your practice is part of Independent Vet Care Ltd (IVC Evidensia), contact to start your registration. IVC are managing the registration of their practices centrally therefore please do not register as a ‘sole trader or Limited Company.

All Certifiers can now register at Click ‘Start now’ to begin registration.

EHC Online Guidance Materials

The following reference guides will help you to get your online account set up and explain how to use the certifier service. Please click on the hyperlink to view the material.

Please note, the content of these materials is correct at the time of publishing, but is subject to change, as policies are being reviewed. You should look at the guidance regularly for any updates.

Guidance Description
Quick Reference Guide - create EHC online account Quick reference guide for how to create your EHC Online Account.  Please read the hints and tips before registering for your account
Demonstration video guidance - create EHC online account A recorded demonstration for how to create your EHC online account
Extensive Guidance - Certifiers using the EHC Online Service Extensive guidance on how to use the certifier service, including managing your certifier account, and the steps for certifying an EHC
Quick Reference Guide - APHA Veterinarian signed EHCs Quick reference guide for how an EHC online application is signed by an APHA Veterinarian, including steps for the exporter and certifier
Certifiers Quick Reference Guide - Cancel and Replace Quick Reference Guide for Cancel and Replacement of an Export Health Certificate
Demonstration video guidance - certify an EHC within a block application A recorded demonstration for how to certify an EHC within a block application on EHC Online

Recorded Webinars

Recorded webinars are now available on YouTube

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