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Border Control Post (BCP) Compendium

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Products of animal origin

The BCP compendium – products of animal origin has been revised and can now been downloaded as an entire pdf document using the link below.

PDF functionality

Contents page – At the top of the contents page is the date that the compendium has been updated. This section lists the parts of the compendium and sub-headings. By clicking on the title of a part you will be taken directly to it or see the relevant parts below on this web page.

Date index– This lists all legislation within the compendium in date order. Updates are highlighted in red. Again there is a filter at the top of the parts column so all legislation within a part can be selected. All legislation is hyperlinked to the Eur-lex website.

Parts – The compendium has been divided into different parts and the main parts of the legislation in every part are listed in date order. If there are amendments to the legislation, the amendments are listed below the original. Some parts have sub-headings for ease of reference. All legislation is hyperlinked to the Eur-lex website and a short description of the content is provided. Any updates are highlighted in red. By clicking on the title of a part on the content page or on the bookmarks you will be taken directly to it.

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