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Sam - Online TB test submission

Registration on Sam

All Approved TB Testers (ATTs) require registration onto the APHA electronic system Sam for submission of TB test results.

The practice that you test for must be registered on Sam in order for you to be able to submit your TB tests results.

When you complete your ATT theory training you will be prompted to register on Sam. Your authorisation as an ATT will not be granted until this is complete.

Benefits of submitting TB test results online

  • By submitting test results online practices can access ‘real time’, up to date TB work instructions and work lists from APHA
  • Produce working forms pre-populated with ear-tag numbers to record results on farm
  • Can see test dates/results which help to identify animals not eligible for testing
  • Allow for prompt submission of results, increasing the likelihood of the test being received by APHA before the test deadline date. This reduces the chance of overdue test procedures being triggered.

For further information on the Sam service status and downtime see the OV Sam TB Test Submission page.