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Training and guidance for online submission

Sam e-learning for OV Practices Sam e-learning for Ov Practices

Click anywhere on the screen above to be taken to the e-learning module.

The e-learning module demonstrates how an OV/Practice admin staff can derive the greatest advantage from using Sam to capture and submit TB Tests to APHA.

The module covers:

  • Navigating the e-learning module
  • Accessing Sam & arranging a bTB Skin Test
  • Capturing the results from a bTB Skin Test
  • Capturing the results from a bTB Skin part-Test
  • Using Excel (e.g. working offline)
  • Using Third Party software (e.g. TB Master)
  • Accepting Unallocated Tests (including what categories of test this covers)
  • Private Tests
  • Searching for Tests (such as current tests, submitted tests & unallocated tests).

Specific Guidance for Approved Tuberculin Testers

Specific Sam Guidance is available for ATTs.

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