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APHA's Livestock Demographic Data Groups publish new reports

Executive summaries of the Enhanced Demographics reports, produced by APHA’s Livestock Demographic Data Groups (LDDGs), have been externally published for the first time.

The new enhanced demographics reports are available for:

The Livestock Demographic Data Groups (LDDGs) aim to enhance understanding of livestock demographic data in GB and this includes developing demographic risk indicators, including population structure as well as behaviour and movement information, which can be used to monitor changes in the risk of disease introduction or transmission to and between livestock.

These indicators are monitored on a regular basis in conjunction with the population reports and are used as an additional stream of evidence for the Species Expert Groups to consider when reviewing new and emerging animal-related issues, to inform animal health and welfare policy as well as support contingency and resource planning, and provide evidence to trading partners.

The 2019 population reports for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry have also been published.