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Advantages of submitting TB test results online/Register for online submission

All new OVs and ATTs will require registration onto the APHA electronic system Sam for submission of TB test results.

To register for access to submit TB test results electronically please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up your practice and practice staff by contacting the OV team - 03000 200 301 /
  2. Follow the instructions on the letter you will be sent (see the Registration and Enrolment User Guide for more information)
  3. Register and enrol as an organisation for the AHVLA-ORC service
  4. Register and enrol as an agent for the AHVLA-AGT service
  5. Once registered, the Primary Contact should select the Manage services on the Government Gateway link to manage other's access to Sam.

Advantages to submitting TB test results online

By submitting test results online, practices:

  • Can access ‘real time’, up to date TB work instructions and work lists from APHA
  • Produce working forms pre-populated with ear-tag numbers to record results on farm
  • Can see test dates/results which help to identify animals not eligible for testing.

Also, these advantages reduce:

  • Overheads such as paper and postage costs
  • Time needed to check test histories
  • Risk of tests going overdue
  • Delay in lifting movement restriction.

Sam OV support

For queries about using Sam or the initial registration process please contact the Sam support desk on:

03300 416999
Email Sam support desk

If you enter data in error and wish to request a Sam Data Fix, please complete this form (GEN02) and send to the following email addresses:
For CPHs in England
For CPHs in Wales
For CPHs in Scotland

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