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Wildlife fertility control

Fertility control is a potentially attractive approach for wildlife management. However, only recently have tools emerged with potential to be effective and safe.

APHA is playing a leading role in turning this potential into practical applications. We work closely with the international wildlife management community through collaborative studies and support international initiatives.

We hosted the 1st International Workshop on Fertility Control for Wildlife Management in 2005 and the 6th International Conference for Wildlife Fertility Control in 2007. We have formal links with the US National Wildlife Research Center and the Australian Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre.

Fertility control has exciting potential to work synergistically with disease vaccines to manage wildlife disease reservoirs such as bovine tuberculosis in the European badger and rabies in feral dogs.

At APHA we are working on novel emerging fertility control technologies for a wide range of species and are also developing species-specific delivery methods for fertility control products.

Recent projects

  • Towards practical application of emerging fertility control technologies for wildlife management.
  • Evaluation of the potential for GnRH and BCG vaccines to contribute to the management of bTB in badgers
  • Establish proof of concept of an immunocontraceptive vaccine for oral delivery to mammals
  • Use of GonaCon to manage an iconic population of feral goats

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