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Invasive non-native species

Invasive non-native species are the second most significant cause of biodiversity loss worldwide and are an increasing priority globally.

Our team uniquely carries out large-scale field control and monitoring operations, focusing on invasive non-native species and assessing the impact of non-native species and facilitating methods of control.

We also conduct research in support of these activities and in collaboration with universities and other institutions.

Key project achievements

  • Working towards the eradication of Ruddy Ducks from across the UK in coordination with European partners
  • Successful completion and development of eradication techniques and strategies for mink control on the Hebridean Mink Eradication project
  • Undertaking a series of practical and desk-based studies on a number of invasive species throughout the UK, including a project on grey squirrels, monk parakeets and muntjac
  • Undertaking and delivering a programme of work across the UK overseas territories including management of feral cats and mongooses in the Caribbean islands
  • Evaluating the economic impact of invasive species to Seychelles

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