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Enhanced Surveillance Activities – Avian Influenza

As part of the enhanced surveillance activities carried out  within 10km zones around infected premises, APHA needs to identify which premises in these areas keep poultry or captive birds. APHA will then need to conduct  further surveillance within a minimum of 30 days of the infected premises being confirmed.

To help us complete enhanced surveillance activities in these zones and to support the efforts in tackling the avian influenza disease outbreak, we need all poultry or captive bird keepers to register their birds with APHA on the poultry register, even if they only keep a few birds as pets. Information on how to do this is available on GOV.UK:

A flyer has been produced which explains the action that bird keepers need to take if they fall within a surveillance zone.

We would also strongly encourage those bird keepers outside current surveillance zones who do not currently have the minimum number of birds that require mandatory registration, to register.

If we could ask you to please display this flyer within your practice so we can advise as many people as possible.

Issued: 17 February 2023