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Further funding for Product Export Certification Training (PX and CSO)

As you may be aware, after Brexit all exports of animals, fish, equines and products of animal origin (POAO) to the European Union will require an Export Health Certificate (EHC), should the UK leave without a deal. In this scenario there will be an increase in demand for EHC certification. 

Further funding has been made available to enable vets to gain the Official Control Qualification (Veterinary) for Products exports (OCQ(V) - PX), and, where required, prerequisite courses in Essential Skills (OCQ(V) - ES) and Exports General (OCQ(V) - EX). OCQ(V) – PX covers the export of animal products, including food for human consumption and animal by-products and must be held in order to sign EHCs for those products. 

Further funding has also been made available for Certification Support Officer (CSO) training.  Whilst CSOs cannot sign an EHC themselves they can perform tasks to provide OVs with the assurances they require to certify products for export, for example (but not exclusively) carrying out inspections and checking identification of products.  Use of CSOs is expected to increase the efficiency and productivity of OVs providing export certification for animal products (excluding germinal products).

For further information on how to apply for a funded place for either of these qualifications please refer to the information in this Briefing Note (25/19).