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Changes to APHA submission forms

Changes to APHA submissions forms

Some of APHA’s submission forms have been updated with a new form number and with some changes to the form content:

  • Avian submission form is now APHA2. There are several improvements to sections on the form, including purpose, type of housing and clinical history. These changes make the form more intuitive and with an opportunity to provide more information.
  • Links are also provided to our online submission service, ADTS, but practitioners are reminded that full access to the avian post mortem and histopathology service offered by APHA Lasswade, as the main centre of avian expertise, remains unchanged.
  • Cattle submission form is now APHA3-cattle and includes an additional field under ‘clinical signs’ to indicate stillbirth.
  • Porcine submission form is now APHA3-Pig and includes an additional field under ‘clinical signs’ to indicate stillbirth and a more clearly separate section on housing.
  • Small ruminant submission form is now APHA3-small ruminant and has updated test code details.
  • General submission form is now APHA3-general.
  • The ancillary submission for is now APHA5.

Find all of our forms here:

Or alternatively use our online submission service, ADTS, for a paper-free submission process with free postage.