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Decrease in cost of private interferon-gamma blood TB testing

As of 1 October, the cost of private interferon-gamma (IFNG) blood tests undertaken by APHA will reduce. On average the cost has reduced by over 25%. The new fees are as follows:

IFNG test cost (from October 2017 to March 2018)

Cost per test for:

Single test

5+ tests

10+ tests

High Specificity Test




High Sensitivity Test




APHA introduced this testing as part of new cattle measures to help achieve TB freedom.

As of April 2016, farmers in England have been able request their private veterinarian to perform this test and submit blood samples for TB testing to an APHA laboratory at their own expense.

The use of private IFNG testing is beneficial where owners seek additional assurances as to the TB-free status of animals over and above those afforded by government-funded statutory testing.

More information about how to request this testing, when it is beneficial to use this test and the situations where this test cannot be used can be found on the private cattle TB blood interferon-gamma testing page.

Published: 2 October 2017