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VETQAS PT contract administration

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VETQAS contracts and administration

VETQAS contracts and administration

Q: What details do we need from you to set up a contract?

A: We can record up to three separate contact details for each customer if necessary. All three sets of details can be the same or all may be different.

Customer – the contact details of the person organising your proficiency testing.
Invoice – where you want us to send your invoice. Note – you can opt to have your invoices and statements emailed to you but we still need the full postal address.
Participant – the PT samples will be posted to this address.

The participant is emailed the login username and password, and any automated notification emails about dispatch of samples or issuing of final reports. If necessary you can have more than one participant on your contract and each will have their own Lab ID number, login username and password.

For each of the above we will need:
Contact name.
Name of organisation/institute/company.
Full postal address (not PO Box address)
Telephone number.
Fax number.
Email address.

Q: What is a contract year?

A: A contract years starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March.

Q: Do I have to provide a Purchase Order number?

A: No, but some companies, institutions require us to quote a Purchase Order number on our invoices. Please check with your account department and, if they require a PO number on invoices, write the PO number in the Authorisation box on your Acknowledgement of Order where indicated.

Q: What is the Acknowledgement of Order and what should I do with it?

A: The Acknowledgement of Order together with the standard terms & conditions is your contract with VETQAS to provide you with proficiency testing services. Please check the contract and scheme details carefully. If all details are correct, sign the Authorisation box and return to us by fax or email. If your Acknowledgement of Order covers more than one page you should return all pages. If any of your contact details have changed, or you wish to add or delete schemes, please email us and we will make the requested changes.

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Q: What is the Participant Details Sheet?

A: The sheet lists the PT schemes allocated to a Lab ID number and the contact details that will be used when shipping the samples. The email address will be used by PT LIMS when sending automated messages, including login usernames and passwords, sample despatch notifications and final report notifications. If you have more than one participant on your contract there will be a separate Participant Details sheet for each one. If all the details are correct box A should be ticked and the sheet returned with your Acknowledgement of Order. If any changes are required tick box B and return to us for amendment.

Q: Can I have more than one contact person?

A: For each customer we can record one set of contact details for each of the following -

Customer contact details – the name and address of the person responsible for your contract.
Invoice contact details – your invoice will be posted to this name and address. Note – you can opt to have your invoices and statements emailed to you but we still need a full postal address.
Participant details – the PT samples will be sent to this name and address.

Automated emails (including login details) will be sent to the participant email address. We can only register one email address for each participant. All three sets of details can be the same or all may be different.

Q: As a participant can I have more than one email address registered to receive the automated e-mails?

A: No, we can only register one email address per participant. You can change the registered e-mail address at any time – just contact us at

Q: My contact details have changed, how can I update them?

A: Please email details of the changes to . Remember to quote your QAL contract number (e.g. QAL/1234) and your Lab ID number (e.g. 1234) so that we can correctly identify you.

Q: I would like to add a new scheme to my contract but we are part way through the contract year, is this possible?

A: Yes. Just email us with details of the scheme you want to join and we will give you a quote of the cost for the remaining distributions and any courier fees. When you have decided to proceed we will send you an additional contract for your approval and signature.

Q: How and when should we apply to participate next year?

A: We email contract renewal documents to all our existing customers in February for the next contract year starting in April. The renewals will be based on the schemes you participated in during the current year. You should contact us immediately if any of your contact details have changed or if you want to add or delete any schemes. If you know before February what your PT requirements are for the following contract year please contact us at any time and we will adjust your next contract accordingly. To avoid missing any distributions you must confirm your requirements by returning your signed contract by the date stated in the covering email.

Q: VETQAS have withdrawn a scheduled distribution, can I have a refund?

A: If we have to withdraw a distribution we will usually re-schedule it for a later date. In the unusual circumstance that we cannot re-schedule we will issue a credit note on your APHA account to cover the cost of that distribution and any associated postage costs.

Q: I want to cancel my contract; can I get a refund for distributions I have not received?

A: By returning a signed Acknowledgement of Order you are entering into an Agreement with the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), acting through the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), for the Provision of PT services. If you later decide to cancel your contract for any reason, or withdraw from a scheme, we will not issue a refund. In the event of full contract cancellation your Science Services login account will be locked after seven days and you will no longer have access to results or tabulated reports. You should print off any results/reports that you may need to refer to in the future.

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Invoicing and payments

Q: How / when will I be invoiced and how can I pay?

A: You should receive your invoice by post or email within approximately six weeks of returning your signed Acknowledgement of Order. Invoices are issued by our Finance Department and the invoice contains full details of how to pay. Please do not arrange payment until you have received the invoice. You must quote your APHA customer number and the invoice number when making a payment so that the payment is correctly allocated to your account without delay.

UK customers can pay by Visa, Mastercard or debit card, BACS payment or crossed cheque.

Non-UK customers can pay by Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card, a telegraphic bank transfer or a cheque or bankers draft issued on a UK Clearing Bank. All amounts quoted on our price list and on our invoices in UK pounds sterling (GBP£). Payment must be paid in GBP£. Unfortunately we are not able to accept foreign currency/EURO payments. All bank charges and expenses must be met by the company paying the invoice so that the payment we receive in the APHA bank account is the full amount on the invoice. Our full banking details are available below:

Account name: Animal and Plant Health Agency
Bank name: National Westminster Bank PLC
Bank address: Government Banking Service Branch, 2nd Floor, 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4RB
Bank sort code: 60-70-80
Bank account number: 10004718
Swift/BIC code: NWBKGB2L
IBAN: GB28NWBK60708010004718
VAT number: GB 888 8001 81

NOTE: For annual contract renewals – invoices will not be issued until after 01 April.

Q: Will VAT (Value Added Tax) be added to my invoice?

A: UK customers will have VAT added to their invoice unless they are Zero-rated or have provided an Exemption Certificate. If you have not already done so, please complete your VAT number in the authorisation box when you return your Acknowledgement of Order. VAT will not be added to invoices for non-UK customers as the provision of Proficiency Testing services to customers outside the UK is outside the scope of UK VAT. If you need us to quote your VAT number on your invoice please complete your VAT number in the authorisation box when you return your Acknowledgement of Order.

Q: I have a question about my invoice / my payment, who should I contact?

A: All financial enquiries are dealt with by our Finance Department. Please use the contact details on the invoice or email quoting the invoice number and your customer account number from your invoice.

Delivery of VETQAS PT samples

Q: How will my samples be delivered?

A: There is a column on our price-list that indicates the overseas delivery method for each scheme. At the end of the price list you can find details of the current costs for courier delivery (C), courier delivery in a Biofreeze Bottle (B) and delivery on dry-ice (D). Parcels sent by courier are tracked and delivery is usually 2-3 days. Samples to UK customers are posted by Royal Mail.

Q: Do I need an import permit for my PT samples?

A: The need for an Import Permit will vary depending on the type of samples and the Customs requirements of your country. We recommend you check with your local Customs office and follow their guidelines. If you do need an Import Permit it is your responsibility to make sure we have a valid copy of the permit several days before your samples are due to be shipped. You should also let us know if any additional documents are required to help the sample parcel clear through Customs as quickly as possible. VETQAS is not responsible for non-delivery of samples due to insufficient import/Customs documents being provided by the participant.

Please note that if we have been notified that a permit is required, but we do not receive it in time for the scheduled distribution date, the samples will not be shipped and there will be no refund.

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Q: How do I know when my samples have been issued?

A: As soon as we issue your samples you will receive an automated notification email. The email is sent to the address we have registered for the participant.

Q: What happens if payment of local fees/taxes/duties is requested by our Customs office?

A: To avoid delaying the delivery of your parcel our couriers have been instructed to pay any local fees requested by Custom’s officers where possible. In some countries Customs will only accept payment of these fees by the consignee and they will use the telephone number on the parcel to make contact. If you receive a request for payment of fees from your local Customs office please pay them promptly so that your parcel can be released for delivery without delay. VETQAS is not able to refund any local Customs fees that you may have to pay.

Q: Seven days from the posting date have passed and my parcel has not arrived. What should I do?

A: Please email us quoting your QAL contract number and/or your Lab ID number and the name of the distribution you were expecting.

We will investigate the reason for the delay and we will extend the results entry deadline date by the maximum of six days.

Q: My samples were damaged or incomplete when received, what should I do?

A: Please email us immediately at so that we have time to arrange for a repeat set of samples to be issued.

We will need your QAL contract number and/or your laboratory ID number and the distribution number.

Q: My sample parcel was not delivered, can I have a refund?

A: Please email us quoting your QAL contract number and/or your laboratory ID number and the name of the distribution you are expecting.

Non delivery of a parcel sent by courier is very unusual. In the unusual circumstances that this happens we will send you a repeat set of samples at no extra charge.

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Page last modified: 4 December 2018