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Cell characterisation (Phengenix)

Phengenix imagePhengenix is a comprehensive service that provides detailed bacterial identification, characterisation and interpretation for a variety of applications. Phengenix brings together the latest technological solutions to describe cell types at genomic, phenomic and metabolomic levels.

Applications for Phengenix include:

  • Development of diagnostics.
  • Quality control and standardisation of master and seed stocks.
  • Characterisation of probiotic organisms or other bacterial strains used in biotechnology.
  • Data for intellectual property protection and product registration.
  • Toxin production and sensitivity testing.
  • Vaccine and probiotic development with efficacy testing in target species.
  • Phenotypic and genotypic antimicrobial resistance testing of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

Our scientists have expertise in genotyping and phenotyping methodologies with access to extensive bacterial isolate libraries and data sources. This includes an in-depth knowledge of animal and zoonotic diseases and a wide experience of food safety, environmental and public health. We are committed to high quality standards for our science; our quality systems include ISO 9001, ISO17025 and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

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