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New Microbiology Proficiency Testing Schemes

VETQAS are pleased to announce that in 2018 we are launching new species specific Microbiology Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes.

These are:

  • PT0181 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Avian
  • PT0182 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Bovine
  • PT0183 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Ovine
  • PT0184 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Porcine
  • PT0185 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Anti-microbial Sensitivity Test

The samples are freeze dried simulated specimens that contain commonly found (and sometime less common) pathogens.

The microbiology scheme covering a range of species continues to run:

  • PT0061 - Microbiology culture & isolation - Farm animals

VETQAS is the international market leader in proficiency testing for veterinary laboratories. Taking part in our proficiency testing demonstrates your commitment to improving performance. It provides you with the confidence that your laboratory equipment, staff and methods are delivering quality results for your customers.

VETQAS is a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider No.0004.

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Page last modified: 19 November, 2018