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Quality Assurance Unit - Scheme Details

PT Number
Scheme title
Microbiology culture & isolation - Porcine
Suitable testing methods
Various culture and isolation methods. These may include additional confirmatory tests.
Reporting format

Please record any pathogen found in the “Intended Pathogen(s) Isolated” entry. Where other organisms are isolated, these can be recorded in the “Other Organism(s) Isolated” entry.
The authorised report will be published electronically. This will show intended results and participant results. Results from other participants will also be present when several Lab Codes are participating.

Results to be returned within
21 days
Number of samples in each distribution
Sample Type

10mg sample containing microorganism(s) freeze dried in glass vials. Samples may contain a pure pathogen and could also contain common commensals. The isolates are derived from either reference or field strains.
Participants will be given clinical information about the sample, as would happen with most usual sample submissions to a laboratory. Using normal routine procedures the participants decide their choice of tests to try to identify the organism(s) present.

Packaging and transport details
UN3373 Biological substance Category B. Courier delivery will incur additional charges. Please contact the QA unit for details.
Number of distributions per year
Accreditation status
ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing.
Date scheme started

In some laboratories veterinarian comments on laboratory results from “real” samples can be part of the submissions and result reporting process, especially when deciding whether or not an organism is considered to be a pathogen in diagnosis and thus have implications on any treatment offered. In this case, veterinarians are able to make their comments in the “Bacteriology Comments” field on the result entry sheet and/or PT-LIMS. However, this type of comment is not part of the PT scheme and not assessed.
For price and detail of distribution months please see price list or contact:

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