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New Salmonella Serotyping Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) PT scheme

We are delighted to announce that we have added new Proficiency Testing schemes to our price list.

PT0200 Salmonella serotyping - Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Sequencing/MAb typing is available to order online the next distribution is scheduled for 2nd May 2023.

How to order: Existing PT customers can click here to order. New PT customers please click here to register.

The availability and use of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) based methods is rapidly increasing in routine diagnostic laboratories. With the advent of WGS, serovar predictions can now be performed using in silico data analysis tools such as MOST, SeqSero and Salmonella In Silico Typing Resource (SISTR), which can be further supplemented by core genome MLST based analyses.

Such WGS data analysis tools predict the Salmonella serovar. This provides numerous advantages, such as additional genetic and molecular details, and the ability to type rough strains and isolates that do not fully express somatic and flagella antigens compared to traditional serotyping.  Live vaccine strains can also be identified without having to carry out separate tests and phylogenetic analyses that compare isolates from different sources and timepoints can assist with outbreak cluster identification, outbreak investigation and source attribution.

As the WGS technology is coming more to the forefront in laboratories, the need for Proficiency Testing (PT) to assess performance is more important than ever.
PT0200 Salmonella serotyping - Whole Genome Sequencing PT Scheme has been designed for participants to identify the serovar, antigenic formula and sequence type (ST) of samples.

Each distribution will comprise of 8 freeze dried isolates (pure cultures). The participating laboratory will then perform DNA extraction and Whole Genome Sequencing using their routine test method. Results are reported to VETQAS via an electronic reporting system. Feedback on performance will be included in a report available for all participants.

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Page last modified: 23 January 2023