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Glanders control reagents

New Glanders control reagents now available
New biological reagents now available from APHA Scientific for laboratories around the world.

The Glanders Equine Control Sera can be used as controls in Glanders Complement Fixation Tests (CFT). Currently the only World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) prescribed serodiagnostic method for international trade purposes, Glanders CFT is also recommended for surveillance investigations.

RAB8678 - Glanders Equine High Positive Antiserum
RAB8677 - Glanders Equine Low Positive Antiserum
RAB8676 - Glanders Equine Negative Sera

Our Glanders reagents are manufactured in a dedicated Production Unit certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, and supported by expert veterinarians in our reference laboratory. To ensure consistency across different CFT kits, our products are tested against 2 common CFT antigens. For safety considerations, those antisera were raised using non-infectious materials.  We recommend the use of both high and low titre positive serum to ensure sensitivity and consistency of CFT tests.

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Page last modified: 01 October 2020