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Validation of cattle diagnostic tests workshop

APHA were honoured to host a workshop on the validation of cattle diagnostic tests for TB on Tuesday 21 February at Weybridge. It was a pleasure to see so many people in attendance, representing a wide range of pharmaceutical, research, academic and diagnostic companies.

There were a series of presentations by APHA and Defra speakers which focused on test validation and the journey from inception of an idea to successful government implementation of a test.

Dr Christos Gougoulias explained the background of APHA Scientific and how they develop wider commercial products and services to organisations globally, specifically in relation to veterinary diagnostics and the validation of veterinary tests.

Christos said;
“APHA Scientific wants to encourage the development of new veterinary diagnostic tests to the UK and global market. The workshop has highlighted that there are strict rules, standards and steps that have to be followed before acceptance of new TB tests for cattle in the UK. The team at APHA Scientific are able to help with the validation of diagnostics”

The workshop concluded with an active discussion on how government and commercial companies can work together to enhance existing diagnostic capabilities.

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