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APHA Biological Reagents List

1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Code Reagent Cost Unit Size
RAA0048 Brucella abortus Milk Ring Test antigen - temporarily unavailable £361 100ml
RAA0054 Brucella abortus Serum Agglutination Test antigen £248 100ml
RAA0060 Brucella Rose Bengal Test Antigen (Standard) - temporarily unavailable £326 100ml
RAA0066 Brucella abortus/melitensis/suis Complement Fixation Test antigen £137 100ml
RAA2016 Brucella Rose Bengal Test Antigen (Sensitive) - temporarily unavailable £326 100ml
RAB0075 Brucella ovis negative control serum £41 1ml
RAB0701 Brucella ovis negative control serum £25 1ml
RAB8688 Brucella abortus +ve serum for ELISAs, CFT and RBT £71 1ml
RAB8689 Brucella abortus +ve serum for SAT only £71 1ml
RAI2005 Compelisa 160 diagnostic kit £198 each
RAI2006 Compelisa 400 diagnostic kit £364 each
RBI0991 Brucelisa 160M diagnostic kit £244 each
RAI0800 Campyculture kit (transportation of samples) £64 each
Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) - Mycoplasma
RAI6223 BoviLAT diagnostic kit £321 each
Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP) - Mycoplasma
RAI6224 CapriLAT diagnostic kit £410 each
Escherichia coli
RAB0086 E.coli Polyvalent A typing serum - porcine £83 1ml
RAB0087 E.coli Polyvalent B typing serum - porcine £83 1ml
RAB0088 E.coli Polyvalent C typing serum (Polyvalent C) porcine £83 1ml
RAB0089 E.coli G205 typing serum O8:K87, K88ac (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0090 E.coli E65 typing serum O45:K ‘E65’ (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0091 E.coli E57 typing serum O138:K81 (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0092 E.coli E6811 typing serum O141:K85ab (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0093 E.coli E145 typing serum O141:K85ac (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0094 E.coli G1253 typing serum O147:K89, K88ac (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0095 E.coli Abbotstown typing serum O149:K91, K88ac (Polyvalent A) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0096 E.coli P16 typing serum O9:K103,987P (Polyvalent B) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0097 E.coli V142 typing serum O64:K ‘V142’ (Polyvalent B) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0098 E.coli V189 typing serum O108:K ‘V189’ (Polyvalent B) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0099 E.coli E4 typing serum O139:K82 (Polyvalent B) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0100 E.coli V17 typing serum O157:K ‘V17’ (Polyvalent B) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0101 E.coli V50 typing serum O10:K ‘V50’ (Polyvalent C) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0102 E.coli V79 typing serum O35:K ‘V79’ (Polyvalent C) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0103 E.coli V165 typing serum O115:K ‘V165’ (Polyvalent C) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0104 E.coli V113 typing serum O119:K ‘V113’ (Polyvalent C) porcine £75 1ml
RAB0108 E.coli K91 typing serum containing antibodies to E.coli antigen K91 £75 1ml
RAB0109 E.coli K89 typing serum containing antibodies to E.coli antigen K89 £75 1ml
RAB0110 E.coli K103 typing serum containing antibodies to E.coli antigen K103 £75 1ml
RAB0975 E.coli K87 typing serum containing antibodies to E.coli antigen D271(02:K87) £75 1ml
RAB0976 E.coli 01:K1 typing serum OK ‘F1’ avain strain - polyclonal antisera £75 1ml
RAB0977 E.coli 078:K80 typing serum OK ‘F103’ avain strain - polyclonal antisera £75 1ml
RAB0978 E.coli 078:K80 typing serum OK ‘RVC330’ bovine  - polyclonal antisera £75 1ml
RAB1002 E.coli 02:K1 typing serum OK ‘F21’ avain strain - polyclonal antisera £75 1ml
RAE0235 E.coli K88a fimbrial adhesin - monoclonal antibody £296 1ml
RAE0236 E.coli K88b fimbrial adhesin - monoclonal antibody £296 1ml
RAE0237 E.coli 987P fimbrial adhesin - monoclonal antibody £296 1ml
RAE0239 E.coli K99 fimbrial adhesin - monoclonal antibody £296 1ml
RAB8678 Glanders equine high positive antiserum  £97 1ml
RAB8677 Glanders equine low positive antiserum £97 1ml
RAB8676 Glanders equine negative sera £35 1ml
RAA0191 Salmonella Pullorum stained antigen £90 25ml
RBA0190 Salmonella Pullorum stained antigen £1,618 500ml
Avian Adenovirus
RAA0026 Avian Adenovirus (CELO) - antigen £148 0.5ml
RAB0027 Avian Adenovirus (CELO) positve serum £91 0.5ml
Avian Influenza virus
RAA7002 H5N1 antigen £65 1.0ml
RAA7003 H5N2 antigen £65 1.0ml
RAA7006 H7N1 antigen £65 1.0ml
RAA7007 H7N7 antigen £65 1.0ml
RAA7008 H5N3 antigen £65 1.0ml
RBA4631 H9N2 inactivated antigen £65 1.0ml
RBA6426 H5N8 inactivated antigen £65 1.0ml
RBA6450 H7N9 inactivated antigen £65 1.0ml
RAB7000 H5N1 positive serum £92 0.5ml
RAB7001 H5N1 positive serum £92 0.5ml
RAB7004 H7N1 positive serum £92 0.5ml
RAB7005 H7N7 positive serum £92 0.5ml
RAB7009 H5N3 positive serum £92 0.5ml
RBB4507 H9N2 antiserum £92 0.5ml
RBB6425 H5N8 antiserum £92 0.5ml
RBB6451 H7N9 antiserum £92 0.5ml
Avian Paramyxovirus
RAB0033 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV 3) positive serum £91 0.5ml
RAB2026 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV2)  £91 0.5ml
RAB4526 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV4)  £108 0.5ml
RAB5043 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV6)  £91 0.5ml
RAB5045 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV7)  £108 0.5ml
RAB4588 Avian Paramyxovirus (PMV8)  £108 0.5ml
Avian Reovirus
RAA0028 Avian Reovirus - antigen £148 0.5ml
RAB0029 Avian Reovirus - positive serum £91 0.5ml
Egg Drop Syndrome ‘76
RAA0081 Egg Drop Syndrome ‘76 - antigen £148 0.5ml
RAB0082 Egg Drop Syndrome ‘76 positive serum £91 0.5ml
Infectious Bronchitis Virus
RAA0121 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus M41 antigen £214 0.5ml
RAA0715 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus D274 antigen £214 0.5ml
RAA0716 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus D1446 antigen £214 0.5ml
RAA2003 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus CVL793/B antigen £214 0.5ml
RAA5041 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus 755/03 antigen £214 0.5ml
RAB0122 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus M41 positive serum £107 0.5ml
RAB2004 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus CVL793/B positive serum £107 0.5ml
RAB5040 Infectious  Bronchitis Virus 755/03 positive serum  £107 0.5ml
Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (Gumboro Disease)
RAA0123 Infectious Bursal Disease Virus - antigen £182 1ml
RAB0124 Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (type 1) positive serum £92 0.5ml
Marek’s Disease Virus
RAA0156 Marek’s Disease Virus - antigen £182 1ml
RAB0157 Marek's disease virus +ve serum £120 0.5ml
Newcastle Disease Virus
RAA0158 Newcastle Disease Virus - antigen £92 1ml
RAA0158 Newcastle Disease Virus positive serum  £92 0.5ml
RAB0858 MV/CAE negative control serum £42 2.0ml
RAB0969 MV/CAE weak positive serum to gp-135 £119 2.0ml
RAB0970 MV/CAE positive serum to gp-135 £119 2.0ml
RAI0259 MAEDITECT ‘100’ - diagnostic kit £152 each
RAI0260 MAEDITECT ‘1000’ - diagnostic kit £690 each
RAI0267 Agar gel ‘100/30’ £41 each
RAI0268 Agar gel ‘1000/300’ £337 each
RAK0266 Agar gel cutter £279 each
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus
RAB0042 Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus - positive serum £96 2ml
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea / Border Disease Virus (Monoclonal Antibodies - Murine)
RAE0241 BVDV, BDV mAb WB160 - BVDV-1 & BDV £310 1mg
RAE0801 Pan-pestivirus reactive mAb - WB103/105 - virtually all pestivirus £348 1mg
RAE0822 BVDV mAb WB162 - BVDV-1 £310 1mg
RAE0823 BVDV mAb WB210 - BVDV-1 £310 1mg
RAE0824 BVDV mAb WB215 - BVDV-1 £310 1mg
RAE0825 BDV mAb WS363 - BDV £310 1mg
RAE0992 BVDV, BDV mAb WS433 - BVDV-2 & BDV £310 1mg
RAE0993 BVDV mAb WS538 - BVDV-2 £310 1mg
RAE2020 BVDV mAb - WB103/112/166/214 - pool of 4 mAbs for a wide range of BVDV antigens £348 1mg
RAE4173 BVDV, BDV mAb WB166 - BVDV-1 & BDV £310 1mg
RAE4174 BVDV mAb WB214 - BVDV-1 £310 1mg
RAE4750 BDV mAb WS371 - BDV £310 1mg
RAE4751 BDV mAb WS373 - BDV £310 1mg
RAE0243 Pestivirus - BVDV mAb WB112 £310 1ml
RBE0240 Pestivirus - BVDV mAb WB103 £310 1ml
Classical Swine Fever Virus (Monoclonal Antibodies)
RAE0242 Classical swine Fever Virus mAb WH211 (not available in UK without approval of SVS) £310 1mg
RAE0826 Classical swine Fever Virus mAb WH303 (not available in UK without approval of SVS) £310 1mg
RAE4738 Classical swine Fever Virus mAb WH187 (not available in UK without approval of SVS) - New £310 1mg
Bovine PrP Monoclonal Antibody
RAE5037 Bovine PrP R145/20/1/2/1 £296 1mg
Avian Primary Cells - Chick Embryo Fibroblasts
RAF3740 Chick Embryo Fibroblasts £707 100ml
RAF8751 Chick Embryo Kidney Cells - New £642 50ml
RBF3615 Chick Embryo Liver Cells - New £707 100ml
Porcine Primary Cells
RBF3614 Porcine Alveolar Macrophage (PAM) / Porcine Lung Macrophage (PLM) £926 1ml
Negative Control Serum - SPF Chicken -ve control serum
RAB0631 Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) chicken negative Control Serum £92 0.5ml

APHA Scientific have an extensive range of biological reagents. If you can not see what you are looking for on our price list please contact us for futher information. We can also fulfil bulk requirements and tender contracts.


All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be added to UK orders at the rate prevailing at the time of the invoice. For EC orders please provide VAT registration number otherwise VAT will be charged at the UK prevailing rate.

All and any import duties, value added taxes or other charges of whatever nature leviable or chargeable on the goods on importation into the country of destination shall be paid by the Overseas Buyer.

We reserve the right to amend prices without notification.


Delivery charges are not included and will be charged accordingly.


Reagent orders are processed either by APHA Scientific Product Sales or by a Distributor appointed by APHA. If you reside in a country without an appointed Distributor please contact APHA Scientific on salesdesk@apha.gov.uk to place an order. If you reside in a country with an appointed Distributor please contact the distributor. A list of appointed APHA Scientific Distributors and the regions they cover can be accessed on our website.

Import permits

Overseas customers (from countries without distributors, must ensure that all necessary import permits accompany the order.


Payment is due within 30 days on receipt of the invoice, in pounds sterling, by bankers order or cheque drawn on a UK clearing bank made payable to ‘Animal and Plant Health Agency’. Cheques must show the UK Bank Sort Code. Payment is also available through BACS. APHA’s bank details for payment by this method are available on request from Product Sales at APHA. Payment can also be made by Credit/Debit Card. In some cases it will be necessary to clear payment before despatch.

Technical Services and Advice

Documentation is supplied with all catalogue products, and technical services and advice are also available. In addition to the products listed in this catalogue APHA has a wide range of research grade biological products for laboratory use. If you have any special requirements or require further advice, please contact us.