Equipment for TB Skin Testing

2. Documentation required for day two of the TB skin test:

  • the latest versions of official forms (available from APHA offices):
    • working test form (TB52WF) downloaded from Sam for Day One of the test
    • test reports (TB52/TB52(Welsh)) (for non-Sam enabled OVs)
    • test charts (TB52A/TB52A(Welsh)) (for non-Sam enabled OVs)
    • Information Note (TB181/TB181(Welsh))
    • test interpretation guide card for the appropriate country(TB64(ES)/TB64(W)) and guidance note (TB64A(ES)/TB64A(W))
    • owners checklist (TR247/TR247(Welsh)
    • in Wales only a supply of Pre-movement testing stickers.

Additional Equipment in Scotland

1. Additional equipment for reactor tagging will not be required for OVs undertaking a TB test in Scotland as tagging is undertaken by APHA staff at the valuation visit.