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TB Skin Testing in Goats

8. In England, when a reactor is found, a Notice of Intended Slaughter (TN03) and covering letter (TN190 ) will be served on the owner/keeper. Under the Diseases of Animals (Ascertainment of Compensation) Order 1959, statutory compensation will be paid. The valuation will reflect the intrinsic value of the animals in their current state, i.e. animals which are affected, or suspected of being affected, with tuberculosis, and hence they will usually only have a salvage value. Owners do have the right to dispute the valuation and the matter will be referred for arbitration.

9. In Scotland, the legislation makes provision for the payment of compensation to the owner as laid down in the schedule to the order for animals compulsorily slaughtered. A Notice of Intended Slaughter (TN03) must be served on the owner.

10. In Wales, statutory compensation is paid for goats, camelids and deer which are compulsorily slaughtered. The owner/keeper must be served with a Notice of Intended Slaughter (TN03/TN03(Welsh)) for the animals.

11. If a reactor dies or is privately culled by the owner in the meantime, APHA will not make a retrospective payment (ex gratia or compensation) for that animal and the welfare of the animal must be observed and no undue suffering permitted.

5. However, on the second day of the tuberculin skin test on the farm, OVs must not alter the prescribed interpretation of the test results for any of the vaccinated animals.