Testing Equipment for Deer

6. Store and use the tuberculin in accordance with the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) sheet, available on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website.

7. When tuberculin is taken from the office for use at a test, do not subject it to temperatures below 2°C or above 37°C, or expose to direct sunlight, especially when being transported in motor vehicles. In hot weather consider using cool boxes with Freezella packs (the tuberculin vial must not be in contact with the Freezella pack). In cold weather below 2°C, consider using cool boxes without freezella packs.

8. When carrying out testing:

  • follow the above instruction to ensure the most cost effective use of tuberculin
  • take only the appropriate amount of tuberculin
  • keep the vials in a cleanable container and as clean as possible whilst testing to avoid contamination of the vial
  • if there is a risk of tuberculin freezing, consideration should be given to suspend the test.

9. After completion of the test:

  • dispose of any excess tuberculin and disposable syringes as pharmaceutical waste at the end of the day
  • wipe and clean over with surgival spirit any unopened vials without piercing, breaking or damaging the rubber tops and return to the appropriate storage facility
  • once opened, tuberculin should be used within the working day
  • it is not permissable to use opened tuberculin on more than one farm premises on the same day.