Official Veterinarians Export Instructions

Export Systems and Certificate Types

Export Health Certificates

1. Export certification known as EHCs, are used for trade to MSs of the EU, Third Country Trade and National Trade.

2. All certificates issued bear a unique serial number which will allow the certificate to be traced back to the office of issue and to the exporter’s application, signing OV and other associated documents.

3. EHC applications can be submitted to CITC by exporters by:

  • downloading a PDF EHC and EXA application from EHC Form Finder on GOV.UK. PDF EHCs and EXA applications are then submitted by email to CITC
  • electronic application using the Export Health Certificates (EHC) Online system

4. The EHC Online system also contains a Certifier Portal which will enable OVs to view certificates dispatched to them via this system and carry out some certification services online.

Receipt and Processing of Export Certificate Application Forms

1. Export certificate application forms must be submitted, by the exporter or agent of the exporter, to the CITC providing the following notice prior to the proposed date of export:

  • correctly completed applications will be processed within one working date of receipt, Monday to Friday
  • due to the requirements for APHA to provide notifiable disease assurances to the certifying OV, applications received more than seven working days in advance of the certification date will be processed seven working days prior to this date
  • applications that require additional documentation may take longer to process

2. These timescales will allow CITC sufficient time to process the application and ensure the relevant export certification is posted to the nominated Official Veterinarian in a timely manner in accordance with the date of export provided.