Clearance for Collection Centre Ovine/Caprine Donor Animal(s)

1. Disease clearance must be sought prior to the movement to the collection/storage by the OV who is overseeing the collection of the semen, ova or embryos. Submit application form (Ovine-Caprine-NDR, available on the APHA Vet Gateway), to the Centre for International Trade - Carlisle (CITC), for Exports to enable disease clearance to be given.

2. For semen, the donors have to undergo quarantine/isolation for at least 28 days prior to movement to the semen collection centre. Additional disease clearance is required for the quarantine/isolation accommodation, for which an application must be made. Applications can be made when the animals move into quarantine/isolation accommodation to cover the disease clearances relating to both the holding and the quarantine/isolation accommodation.

3. Any semen, ova or embryos collected without prior disease clearance provided will only be eligible for domestic use.

4. Disease clearance at the time of despatch of consignments for trade to Member States of the EU is not required. The clearance sought prior to movement to the collection/storage centre is the only disease clearance required for such trade.

5. Applications must be made:

  • prior to movement of donor animal(s) to the:
    • semen collection centre or
    • embryo collection 'facility'
  • prior to the collection of ova/embryos which can be collected on the holding.