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2018 Veterinary Investigation data now available

We’ve just published the 2018 Veterinary Investigation Diagnosis Analysis (VIDA) Annual Report which is in a new format.

The data is now presented in an interactive dashboard, which allows you to select the species you’re interested in as well as whether you want to view monthly or annual statistics. This new dashboard format also allows APHA to publish the annual report much quicker than in previous years.

IIt contains a record of every diagnostic submission we’ve received in Great Britain to our Veterinary Investigation Centres, our partner post mortem providers and Scotland's Rural College Veterinary Services (SRUC VS).

Our Species Expert Group Leads have also produced a report to accompany the dashboard, focusing on three diseases each for cattle, sheep, pigs and avian species, examining the prevalence of each one in greater detail.

See the reports on our Vet Gateway: