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Wildlife management

grey squirrelAPHA’s National Wildlife Management Centre (NWMC) provides high quality research, consultancy and services to Defra, other government departments, the EU and the commercial sector in the UK and overseas.

Our commercial services include:

We provide evidence based support for wildlife policy development by both UK Government and the European Commission and advise commercial parties on wildlife management and humaneness issues. We also work to ensure that new and improved approaches are put into practice through technology transfer.

With the largest concentration of vertebrate ecologists in the UK and state-of-the-art facilities, our staff are leaders in wildlife management.

Conflicts between humans and wildlife are increasing. At the same time, there is increasing public pressure to ensure that management approaches to resolving these conflicts are safe and humane.

Our key role is thus developing new and improved wildlife management strategies based on sound science, fully utilising and integrating our core skills in wildlife biology and animal welfare.

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Page last modified: 5 August, 2020