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Quality Assurance Unit - Scheme Details

Antibody Detection
PT Number
Scheme title
Avian influenza (Al) serology
Suitable testing methods
Reporting format
AGIDT - Interpretation i.e. +ve / -ve / inconclusive. HAIT - Titre, Interpretation, Type. Authorised report will be published electronically. These will show intended result and results from all participants
Results to be returned within
21 days
Number of samples in each distribution
Sample Type
0.5ml serum from infected stock (heat treated 56°C for 30 minutes) or by inoculation with killed virus
Packaging and transport details
Non infectious – Exempt Animal Specimen. UK - normal post. Overseas - courier. Please contact the QA unit for details.
Number of distributions per year
Various aspects of the Proficiency testing schemes may at times be subcontracted. When this occurs it is placed with a competent subcontractor and the Quality Assurance Unit is responsible to the scheme participants for the subcontractors work.
Accreditation status
This PT scheme is non-accredited
Date scheme started
Pre 2007
This scheme is designed for detection and typing of serum from birds infected with H5, H7 and H9 Avian Influenza. The intended result in the final tabulation will give both the H and N type of the infecting virus strain but participants are only expected to correctly identify the H type. The scheme is not appropriate for laboratories only performing screening tests.
For price and detail of distribution months please see price list or contact:
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