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Quality Assurance Unit - Scheme Details

PT Number
Scheme title
Bacillus anthracis– Microscopic examination of blood
Suitable testing methods
The slides are to be stained using your routine method and examined for the presence of Bacillus anthracis cells.
Reporting for format
Results are to be reported as either +ve, -ve or inconclusive. Authorised report will be published electronically. These will show intended result and results from all participants.
Results to be returned within
14 days
Number of samples in each distribution
Sample Type

Non-viable heat fixed positive and negative for Bacillus anthracis glass slides.

Inactivation of B. anthracis slides

Cultured B anthracis was inactivated by submersion in formaldehyde at a concentration and length of time determined to be optimal for denaturing the cells while retaining the typical capsule morphology when viewed after staining under magnification. Confirmation of non-viability is determined for every batch of B. anthracis positive slides by incubation of 10 % of slides in brain-heart broth for 24 hours followed by culture of this liquid media on Columbia Horse Blood Agar for 48 hours. Any growth was tested by RT-PCR for B anthracis to ensure viable B anthracis could not be detected.
Packaging and transport details
Non-infectious substance. UK Royal Mail ‘signed for’ and non-UK courier. Courier delivery will incur additional costs. Please contact the QA unit for details.
Number of distributions per year
Various aspects of the Proficiency testing schemes may at times be subcontracted. When this occurs it is placed with a competent subcontractor and the Quality Assurance Unit is responsible to the scheme participants for the subcontractors work.
Accreditation status
ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 Conformity assessment - General requirements for proficiency testing.
Date scheme started
Pre 2007
The slides have been fixed and are safe to handle. Further fixation is not necessary.
For price and detail of distribution months please see price list or contact:
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