Post-Certifying Procedures

Certified Copies of TRACES Confirmation Document

1. Ensure that photocopying facilities will be available at the place where certification is to be completed or take a suitable portable photocopying machine. If neither alternative is available, then with prior permission from Centre for Internatinal Trade - Carlisle (CITC), OVs should make two photocopies of the TRACES Confirmation Document (ET54) before travelling to the place of certification and use carbon paper to make accurate copies when completing the document.

2. When the document is completed (i.e. stamped and signed as appropriate) the OV must:

  • make two photocopies of the document
  • mark each of these 'Certified Copy' and initial
  • return one copy to CITC by fax or email on the day of signature, and
  • retain the other for record purposes.